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Classic underground surveying and
surface levelling combined with latest
computer applications for data processing
as well as data visualisation are sources
of safe and efficient underground mineral extraction

3D visualisation of dissolution caverns surrounding a 100 years old flooded potash shaft, determined by ultrasonic sounding method

Mine and caverns require surveying for several reasons: scheduled underground extraction, drift and infrastructural development in conventional mines are managed on the base of accurate mining plans resulting from mine survey. Controlling the underground dissolution progress in caverns or old flooded mines and shafts needs particular surveying techniques which are provided by specialized service companies.

In both, conventional mines and solution caverns the survey of time-dependent deformation processes as well as of surface subsidence above the underground cavities is one of the most important data sources for mine safety assessment during operation and after shut-down of production.


holds its own surveying service company, the


which is well-equipped with latest surveying equipment and recent software systems for any application, offering

  • complete mine survey service for underground mines

  • extraction schedule monitoring

  • underground deformation/convergency monitoring

  • shaft bob plumbing and shaft diameter monitoring

  • surface levelling

as well as

  • surveying of flooded potash and salt mines or shafts in cooperation with our long-term partners, like

BBI Brunnen- und Bohrlochinspektion GmbH