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Since any mineral deposit is unique, it requires a particular mine layout and adaptation of the proven exploitation methods as well as a fine tuning of subsurface infrastructure systems before starting a mining project. Inclination, spatial distribution of areas with different thicknesses and grades influence the efficiency of conventional mining. Therefore, an optimised mine layout is one key item for the overall efficiency of the ore extraction.


provides consulting and planning services to support the costumer during any stage of the mining project,

beginning with the first concepts for new operations,

followed by design and method studies for debottlenecking and/or extension for running operations


finally up to the mine closure and site reclamation.

The high standard of services is guaranteed by well experienced project teams of mining engineers, geotechnical and civil engineers for shaft and underground constructions and even by the in-house cooperation with geologists, rock mechanical specialists as well as process engineers to consider the broad interactions of the natural resource up to the final product.

Starting with a mine layout and mining method engineering, both tailor-made, regarding the deposit‘s particular geology as well as the hydrogeological and rock mechanical limitations of underground extraction, the service comes up with a mine design optimised for maximum production capacity and minimum operation cost.

An important topic in our service are mine safety concepts based on risk assessment of any realistic impact and completed by the elaboration of prevention strategies which are practicable under the industrial scale of operation.

The extraction technology and the equipment selection for mine transport, mine ventilation and services follow the national and/or international standards of our clients, considering the global market and the industrial experience in mine practise. Both are detailed stepwise during the basic and detail engineering phase.

Backfilling of salt and potash mines whether during underground extraction or after production shut-down is one of our focal points. Driven by the long-term practise of slurry backfill operations in the Central German potash industry we provide excellent know-how for backfilling of processing residues and re-use of industrial waste or the combination of both.

Beside traditional planning tools our engineers and computer specialists use recent planning software such as AutoCAD, INVENTOR and other software in co-operation with our R&D partners.








Post-operational backfilling of carnallitite stopes by slurry backfill technology