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Since the dissolution process in the underground is controlled by the
solvent composition and temperature the selective solution of the
valueable components of the deposit is possible.



    Brine pipelines and tanks as part of brine field facilities

The solubility of most mineral salt in water is excellent. This physical property opens the chance to exploit these mineral resources by dissolution in the underground and pump the mineralised brine to the surface for further processing. This Solution Mining technology is an alternative to the conventional mineral salt mining methods, however its application requires specific geological frame conditions and a tailor-made cavern and brine field design as well as a solution concept which finally controls the economic efficiency.



provides consulting and engineering services for each stage of a solution mining project, like

  • lab scale dissolution testwork for key parameter calibration on original raw material,

  • mass and volume balancing based on an consistent solubility equilibria data set

  • cavern development modelling and best option selection

  • brine field site selection and Conceptual Design of the solution mining and brine processing operation, including

  • basic leaching concept

  • drilling and well pattern concept

  • blanket concept

  • residues disposal concept

  • design of individual cavern and ensembles of single caverns, dual or multiple caverns, subhorizontal tunnel caverns and taylor made modifications of proven cavern systems

  • basic Engineering and Detail Engineering for brine field installations like

  • drilling rigs and driling program, including casing program, well completion, coring program and geophysical measurements

  • Infrastructural requirements, including pumps and pipeline systems and their alignment, roads, water and power supply, surface facilities, tanks, control instrumentation etc.

  • design for cavern closure and well sealing after the production period

  • Capital and Operating Cost Estimate

Beside the well known office software tools, the company uses traditional planning software such as AutoCAD in the recent version, but also self created databases for drilling and pumping equipment selection.

The completeness of services is guaranteed by a well experienced team of mining and geotechnical engineers together with geologists and drilling experts. In cooperation

with long standing Solution Mining consultants like


and Solution Mining operators like

the ERCOSPLAN GROUP is able to handle project
management commissioning and start-up of
 Solution Mining projects.

Dissolution testwork on original core samples for calibration of key parameters