First class packing, bulk handling and logistic concepts

Mineral Salt Exploration

Mineral Salt Extraction

Mineral Salt Processing

Sustainability in Mineral Salt Extraction and Processing

Process Design
Process Engineering
Bulk Material Handling
Final Product Packing

Basic engineering Bischofite packing plant

Final product storage building

Design of conveying, storage and packing facilities requires high competence in logistics, relevant process technology as well as the ability to understand product characteristics. Thus optimum selection of machinery is ensured.

ERCOSPLAN Group of Companies

has more than half a century experience in planning facilities for

  • loading and unloading

  • conveying

  • storage

  • packing of bulk solids.

Knowledge of physical properties and resulting behaviour of materials to be conveyed is the key for the design of first class materials handling equipment. Even plants for difficult materials, like Bischofite, which is strongly hygroscopic, have been handled by our engineers.

We designed more than 100 plants for more than 20 different products, using

  • belt conveyer, drag chain conveyer, bucket elevators, screw conveyor, pipelines

  • tanks, hoppers, silos

  • storage units for raw and intermediate materials (e. g. wet salt) and final products

  • dedusting equipment

  • bag and big bag fillers

  • palettisers

  • loading units for transport facilities by rail, on road and on ship

Bischofite packing plant

Wet salt storage

Railroad loading plant

    Ship loading plant