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Basic Engineering, 3D model of a compaction plant

 Basic Engineering, 3D model of a hot leaching plant


 Hot leaching plant


 Subsurface rock salt screening

During more than half a century of activities in the potash and salt industry


has accumulated know how for the design of processing plants for most of the mineral salts of economical importance. Based on the results of process design we use most modern software tools to engineer the plant, optimising investment cost, running cost and ease of maintenance. Close contact to machinery and equipment suppliers all over the world ensure utilisation of most modern technology.

Three dimensional plant models, created by powerful software tools, are putting across a realistic picture of the plant already in early phases of the project. These software tools allow design of different alternatives taking into account different possibilities of assignments and / or suppliers. Transformation into two dimensional drawings is the basis for the following detail engineering steps.

Close cooperation with our customers, responsible regulatory authorities and designated machinery and equipment suppliers throughout the project ensure successful control of the projects, not only in the engineering phase, but also later in the procurement, installation and start up phase.

In the course of a project we can provide (among others) civil, mechanical and electrical engineering services for the following project phases

  • Basic Engineering

  • Detail Engineering

  • Project Management and Project Controlling

as well as

  • Supervision of installation and start up


P+I  diagram of a compaction plant


Installation of compactors