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 Exploration of Mineral Salt Deposits
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Correlation diagram (fence plot) of lithostratigraphic units

Exchange of experiences with local experts during core inspection

International teamwork during geological field work for potash exploration

Exploration and evaluation of mineral salt resources are multi stage processes, whether the valuable salt is contained in a underground deposit, as natural brine in the pore volume of rocks or in lakes on the earth`s surface. By each step the knowledge about the deposit increases, but the exploration costs increase even more. After each step, therefore a decision has to be made, whether or not there is a reasonable chance that the raw material can be exploited and processed economically. This requires firstly an interpretation of the available exploration data by experienced geoscientists. Moreover, it needs the understanding of extraction and processing technology even in the stage of exploration too.



provides both under one roof, excellent geological staff paired by know-how of our well-experienced mining and drilling engineers as well as the process designers and processing engineers to carry out realistic statement about the geological resources and the mineable reserves.

The service starts with a critical examination of all available data about the deposit which are then used to develop a geologic 3D model of the deposit as base for exploration concepts. Geological field work, core logging, sampling and drilling supervision is included in the entire scope.

For assaying ERCOSPLAN cooperates with certified research labs with high reputation which are specialised on the field of mineral salt analysis. Beside traditional tools in mineral salt deposit evaluation ERCOSPLAN uses recent software tools for calculation and visualisation of the deposit‘s parameters, like

Surfer surface mapping system,
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Rockworks, copyright 1982-2004 Rockware Inc.

All the results are used for resource/reserve estimates and calculations in accordance with international classification codes, like CIM and JORC.

Furthermore several of our geologists are registered as European Geologists for assuring quality standards according to international practice. A Qualified Person as per National Instrument NI 43-101 can therefore always grant the quality and comprehensiveness of your project.


Visualisation of the upper surface
of a high grade potash layer