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Tailings pile of residues from potash processing in an early stage of recultivation

Old versus recent fashion of potash production sites: - the Ro▀leben potash plant in mid-1970 style and the Siegmundshall potash plant, operated by K+S KALI GmbH in latest industrial style at the beginning of the 21st century

Water quality - one of the most important issues surrounding mineral salt production sites - investigated by biological studies of flora and fauna


During recent decades attention has been focused on the environmental impacts of human activities, especially sustainability of industrial activities.

The scale of operations and the area influenced by the mining industry and their treatment or processing facilities continue to grow, so too has the public concern over the industries capability to manage and mitigate environmental impacts. Thus most governments have imposed strict regulations to protect ecosystems and to maintain a save and secure environment in the vicinity of production sites. To meet these regulations but be nevertheless in an efficient economic frame it needs particular know-how.

ERCOSPLAN Group of Companies

can support both, the project owner in planning the necessary protection measures for your mine and processing sites or the governmental authorities in necessary permission procedures.

In more than half a century in the potash industry we have been involved in more than 100 projects with an environmental background located in five continents.

Based on the expert knowledge collected by these worldwide experiences our senior staff will accompany your project

  • from the first Environmental Impact Assessment studies

  • through reference site monitoring before the project starts, design of monitoring measures during site preparation, start-up and production

  • up to the design of particular closing procedures and post-operational monitoring measures,

as well as

  • in discussions and disputes with non-governmental organisations.

and can provide any required independent expert judgement.

Prognosis of surface subsidence over mine fields with different mining and backfilling methods

Recent industrial production have to consider on interactive network of environmental issues which is particular for different industrial branches. Since the specific situation in the mineral salt industry, e.g. the water-soluble mineral deposit or the large brine streams handling in salt processing plants, very particular protection measures are needed for long-term safe operation.

As valuable basis for such expert judgement ERCOSPLAN can provide own references and experiences from many operations world wide.

During the production stage, optimisation of waste management and water balance for example, helps you to reduce operation costs. Last but not least, after abandonment the environmentally safe mine and processing site reclamation as well as the plant demolition can be guaranteed by design and supervision from ERCOSPLAN.