The time after: Mine closure and plant demolition

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From brownfield back to greenfield: new small-scale manufacturing industry
settled on reclamated old mineral salt production sites

Shaft and drift sealing

In contrast to other mining branches the prevention of water inflow into the abandoned potash or salt mine is also required during the post-operational phase to prevent danger for the  surface above the mines and to guarantee safe ground.

Water-tight shaft or drift sealing, therefore, is one focus of mine closure in mineral salt mines.



Mining projects are not completed after production shut-down. Environmentally safe abandonment of mine sites and reclamation of processing plant sites are important issues not only since the Global Mining Initiative. Any mine layout has to consider not only the extraction and underground infrastructure but has to pay attention to the closure procedures too.


provides technological know-how and widespread experience to prepare our clients and their mines for The Time After.

The service is focussed on

  • the comprehensive risk assessment for the post-operational phase including the recommendation for required closure measures

  • the design and supervision of post-operational backfill of abandoned mine fields, whether backfilling of processing residues or re-use of mine openings for industrial waste disposal

  • the design and supervision for drift sealing and/or shaft filling and sealing

  • the design and supervision of plant demolition and waste disposal

  • the design and supervision of tailings pile recultivation

  • the design and supervision of site reclamation

as well as

the design and realisation of the post-operational monitoring programme.






Beside particular long-term safety assessment the use of industrial waste for underground backfilling requires special treatment and placement technology.


Mixing plant for backfilling material based on industrial wastes.


Post-operational backfilling of mine openings is an expensive mining activity and, therefore, the financial contributions from re-use of mine cavity for disposal of industrial wastes are welcome.